Moore Cheviots


Moore Hampshires and Cheviots is located  in Eagle, Michigan. We maintain about 30 Cheviot brood ewes.  Production traits are very important to us.  We keep records on types of birth, weight (birth, 60 and 120 day), mothering ability, etc.  We have extended pedigrees and production information available.

Our Cheviot flock was established in 1959.  We have a top quality set of stud ewes.  We have developed both sire and ewe lines that have without a doubt stamped the Cheviot Breed and has moved our flock into the 21st century.

We sold our Hampshire flock in the spring of 2021.  Our flock was established in 1970 as a gift from my father (Hank Wetzel), from the family flock that was initiated over 70 years ago.   Our flock was based of Hogg and Hubbard ewes, we developed an elite set of females that produce both stud ram and ewes for us, as well as our buyers. 

Moore's Hampshires and Cheviots compete in the show ring with great success, but the real value of our breeding programs meet the needs of our buyers.

John and Judy Moore
11989 Hinman Rd
Eagle, MI  48822

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